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We always aim to mention actions and achievements by women, rather than simply births and deaths. If you see a birth or death tweet and think “but this amazing thing happened today!”, use the contact form to send us a note so we can expand our database.  And we’ll retweet things from other accounts if we think they’re of interest.

why “carve her name”?

There’s a saying that “anonymous was a woman”. Often, though, we do have the names of the women who have made – and are making – history. We started as OTD women, to emphasise there are achievements every day. We realised early on that we feature both named women, and hundreds and thousands of unnamed women. And that our brief is to mark their achievements, to write them into history just as men’s names have been written. 

There is also Carve Her Name With Pride, a 1950s film celebrating one of the four women to have won the UK George Cross for bravery: Violette Szarbo. We came across her in our research, and we realised the phrase encompasses our purpose. 

We won’t forget the anonymous women, but we’re building a huge database of women whose names should be carved into history.