Our work elsewhere…non-violent protest

Mags has written about the parallels between the Mansion House protest and early suffragette tactics for the New Statesman.

Read the article here.

The key source for the suffragettes parts is Rise Up, Women by Diane Atkinson (Bloomsbury, 2018). Mags has been reading it steadily for months, and marking events that could become #OnThisDay facts for our social media.

photo of paperback of Rise Up Women showing page markers
Mags’ copy of Rise Up, Women with page markers. Yes, it is going to take a while to add them all to the datafiles…

She also considered including the Greenham Peace Camp, where again women using non-violent protest were violently treated.

“I didn’t include them in the end. The missiles left Greenham not because of the protests but the wider glasnost and thawing of the Cold War. I also wanted to use the statues in Parliament Square to support my point that people once seen as threatening to those in power become celebrated. The Greenham women are not as far along that journey of acceptance.”

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