Greenham Women: 22 March 1982

Several women are seated on the ground with peace signs whilst a man and a police man attempt to move them

On 22 March 1982, around 250 women block access to the airbase at Greenham Common in the UK. It is the first time the women’s peace camp has put non-violence to the test on a large scale, and 34 women are arrested. By the end of 1982, 30,000 women would arrive for the ’embrace the base’ protest. By 1983, over 100 similar peace camps are set up near nuclear sites around the world.

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Illustrated Women fanzine for #WHM2019

Since we started compiling our database of things women achieved on this day in history, we have discovered many, many women we had not known about. Moira has written about one of them, Althea Gibson, for this year’s Illustrated Women in History Women’s History Month fanzine.

The site and zine are produced by Julie Gough, who is attempting to illustrate one women a week to learn more about women in history and celebrate their accomplishments. ‘zines, and women’s use of them to get their messages out, is something we’re big fans of so we are delighted to contribute a biog of Althea.

You can find out more about who the zine features this month over at Julie’s website, or click straight to her etsy shop to buy a copy!

We may well come back to Althea here: probably around the time the English media gets excitable about Wimbledon!

Women’s History Month 2019

All this March, we’ll be blogging weekly about a woman – or women – who made history in that week. As well as looking at what she did that day, we’ll look at the impact of her actions and what led her to it.

Women’s stories are part of our histories: tell them to anyone who will listen.