How you can support us

We run this project because we are fired up with a desire to carve women back into history. It’s been a passion for over two years now, and will continue for a good while yet. We’d love to fill in the last gaps and have 366 days’ worth of achievements.

We do now want to start covering our running costs, and ideally give Mags a living wage for her writing time. So we’ve started a patreon (yes, we know the name is frustrating).

You can support us with $1 a month.

There’s no fancy tiers to chose from. No stunning reward packages where you start to think “but doesn’t the cost of producing that patreon reward wipe out any money earnt?”. We’ll do a monthly shout out if you’re on twitter. If we reach 200 supporters, we’ll start an email. but that’s it.

Who we are

We’re Mags L Halliday and Moira Paul, and we started Carve Her Name in 2017 as a result of Mags being on a long rail replacement bus service. We did not attach our names to it, for a heap of reasons.

Mags is the extrovert, and has now blogged about why she didn’t attach her name – and why she is doing it now.

Mags is also happy to talk to people, take commissions for writing and the like.

Moira doesn’t do any of that but can edit wikipedia. 😉